Our Story

StayWoke, which means “to be aware”, is a neighbourhood cafe that serves good food and provides space for meaningful conversations.
The menu at StayWoke is what we like to call “Gourmet Casual” – fine food brought into a casual setting. Its flavours are an amalgamation of global influences and local flavours. The idea behind the menu is to make the familiar more exciting and the unfamiliar more approachable. Rustic finesse, bold flavours and keeping it unpretentious are some takeaways from the menu. At its core, are quality ingredients turned into quality produce by a skilled culinary team. “Team StayWoke” was formed when two friends from IMT Ghaziabad, Abhinav and Manali, met Tarun Sibal – a food and beverage specialist. It was then that an idea which was conceived in a tiny hostel room started taking shape. As destiny would have it all three realised that if any of them had to open a restaurant on their own it would have been exactly this.
Café StayWoke is an expression of the honesty and hard work of three individuals who have poured their hearts into creating a brand that they hope will make a mark in this very competitive industry.