Best Morning Munchies

A wholesome breakfast is often equated with a good start to the day! The phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” sure is a cliche but actually holds true. If you love good breakfasts, we know a place that actually one of the Top Cafes in Gurugram. Stacks of steaming hot and savory pancakes, succulent breakfast staples – omelets, comforting burgers, and a cuppa coffee. You shall find all these and more at Cafe Stay Woke, one of the best breakfast places in Gurgaon.

At Cafe Stay Woke, they believe in serving not just good food, but priceless experiences that stay long after you leave. From extensive breakfast menus to savory mains, the food comes hearty with the test of quality, freshest ingredients and friendliest service.

They have excellent signatures and take pride in slinging some seriously scrumptious bites, satiating soups, sinful desserts and of course our staple classic – splendid coffee! The cafe is cozily lit with bright colorful chairs and invites you with its charming ambiance. If you are especially looking for the best breakfast place in Gurgaon, this cafe will definitely be an answer to your quest.

Whether you’re a busy mom trying to get some “me time” with a gooey Chocolate Semi Fredo,  want to have crunchy and healthy salad lunch in the middle of work or simply want to enjoy a hot and fresh Smørrebrød with your family, this is the place to be. They offer a classical allure in sync with modern standards of the 21st century – high quality and lots of style. With a warm feel and unpretentious charm, Cafe Stay Woke can be your destination for good food and awesome ambiance.

Come here for a novel Russian Breakfast tea or fill your breakfast palate with Twisted Eggs Benedict and Bacon Rashers. It could be your cozy hideaway where you can sip and linger. For vegetarians as well as nonvegetarians, this cafe offers plenty of smorgasbords to fill your palate and satiate your soul. Enjoy Chicken Parmigiana or Asian Prawn Massaman Curry, if you’re a seafood enthusiast. The vegetarian Ratatouille Pav Bhaji is a unique delicacy and the frozen tea with Parle G biscuits is an endearing twist to the good old Indian tea and biscuit routine.

Being one of the Top Cafes in Gurugram, Cafe Stay Woke is a definite must-visit for a breakfast lover!